Safety Award Notice

On April 4, 2017, one of Louis W. Bray Construction Limited subcontractor’s arranged to have a load of steel casing delivered to a job site located adjacent to a major highway. The transport arrived on site loaded with four 60’ lengths of steel casing stacked two by two.. These casings were 1200mm diameter weighing upwards to 10 tons each.

After reviewing the subcontractors plan to unload the pipe, Darcy Dewar (site Foreman) deemed it unsafe to unload, due to the windy conditions and location of lay down area and therefore refused the delivery. The transport driver was instructed to travel to a local crane yard where the steel casings could be unloaded safely in a controlled environment. The load of steel casings was split into two shipments and later delivered to site without incident. Congratulations to Mr. Dewar for the good catch and taking the initiative to prevent possible injury. The award will be proudly displayed at the Louis W. Bray Construction Limited. head office.

As a reminder, please note that nominations should be submitted to by the end of each month. The Nomination Form can be found at on the ‘Safety’ page.
Thank you to everyone who continues to make our sites a safer place to work.

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