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9 Ways to Stop Construction Theft During Holidays and Vacations

1) Disable and Defensively Park Machines You Leave On Site
There are a number of safe and simple ways to disable vehicles you leave on your site. You can remove tires and disconnect batteries, for example. Further, parking high-target vehicles inside a ring of lesser-value vehicles makes them harder to steal.

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2) Don’t Leave Trailers Loaded
If you’re storing equipment or materials on trailers you leave yourself open to thieves who cut through the trailer or simply hitch the trailer up to their own vehicle. Consider removing the hitch or putting the trailer up on jacks if you have no alternative.

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3) Limit Weekend or Vacation Site Visits
Can you stop weekend or vacation-day visits all together? Over and over the thieves we catch are insiders and sub contractors who SEEM to have every right to be on the site. Forbid vacation access to your construction site so that ANYONE on site will be treated as unauthorized.

4) Walk or Drive Your Perimeter
Are all the gates locked? Is your fence intact through the entirety of your perimeter? These last minute checks before weekends and vacation time can help you spot potential problems. Be sure to hand check all locks – make sure someone didn’t just turn a lock in place without fastening it completely.

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5) Conduct Inventory So You Know Exactly What’s There
Having a complete jobsite inventory will help you in the event of a break in. This way you can provide complete serial numbers and product quantities to the proper authorities. Live video surveillance could prevent the theft in the first place.

6) Spread Word About Your Security to Employees and Subs
Let it slip to subs and your employees that you have taken special security precautions. Be sure to have a reward program in place and make sure that you mention it on a regular basis. Never underestimate the power of buzz among your subs and employees. If they know you mean business you will stop more theft.

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7) Take Precaution Against Diesel Fuel Theft
Diesel fuel is well over $4.50 in most states, and over $5 in California. These high prices put your fuel-burning vehicles at risk for fuel theft. Keep fuel tanks facing the street or your surveillance cameras. Make it easy for people to keep an eye on your gas tanks.

8) Post Appropriate Security Signage
A big part of security is simply informing potential thieves about your defenses. Your signs should include emergency numbers, the amount of reward you offer and warnings about your surveillance or other security measures. Is English the main language spoken on your site? Consider bilingual signage.

9) Notify the Neighbors
Are there businesses that look in on your jobsite? Offer their employees a reward if they spot someone entering your site unlawfully. This is especially effective if you’ve mandated a non-entry policy for the weekend or during vacations

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