2015 Media Coverage

Global TV-The Ministers - Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi on his journey
Ottawa Community News-Feds vow fast flow of infrastructure money
Citizen-Report offers 'lessons learned' from LRT project
G&M-Liberals not scaling back infrastructure plans despite deficit concerns
Ottawa East News-Bridge linking Old Ottawa East, Glebe up next - Chernushenko
CP-Liberals face data deficit in deciding on infrastructure spending-documents
Ottawa West News-Coalition asks transportation committee to consider toll roads
Hamilton Spectator-Providing the essential lens to assess and guide infrastructure investment
Sun-Canada needs a federal ministry of urban affairs.pdf
Maclean's-Liberal infrastructure promise faces delivery problems
The Star-Liberals' throne speech pledges middle-class tax cut, infrastructure investment
Winnipeg Free Press-Time for infrastructure plans to do more than just fill potholes
G&M-Politics notebook, Liberals want to start spending on infrastructure 'very soon'
CBC-Ottawa winter construction could be easier to deal with than last year, city says
CBC-Catherine McKenna, Jim Watson meet for first time since cabinet appointment
Post Media-On the cities and Ottawa
Citizen-Here's what councillors say about the upcoming budget
Citizen-Under pressure - City to unveil 2016 draft budget on Thursday
Sun-Here's what the Grits are vowing to do for the capital
Sun-Catherine McKenna's cabinet gig welcomed by Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson
CBC-Amarjeet Sohi is sworn in as minister of Infrastructure and Communities
1310News-Survey finds Ottawa's roads the worst in Canada
OBJ-Local industry groups, entrepreneurs hope Liberal pledges translate into good things for Ottawa's economy
CTV-'We can take time' on infrastructure spending, economist says
ORBA Eastern Region Update - President's Tour, October 5  
Citizen-Under pressure - City to unveil 2016 draft budget on Thursday 
Citizen-Here's what councillors say about the upcoming budget 
Post Media-On the cities and Ottawa
Sun-Here's what the Grits are vowing to do for the capital
Ottawa East News-Advocates want more trees in city's framework for 'complete streets'
Toronto Star-Ottawa slaps a hold on Montreal's plan to dump 8 billion litres of sewage
G&M-How should Ottawa prioritize public infrastructure
Barrie Advance-Outsiders looking in - what Barrie's new MPs can expect in Ottawa
Citizen-Heavy agenda awaits Canada's next finance minister
CP-New government brings opportunity for infrastructure sector
Oshawa Express-Region readying for federal handouts
Journal of Commerce-Architects ready to work with Liberals
Citizen-The train is coming-Confederation LRT line begins to take shape
CTV-N.B. government looks to federal Liberals for road and bridge repair support
Toronto Star-It won't always be a Liberal love-in between Ottawa and Queen's Park
Citizen-Promised land-What the Liberals have said they'll do for Ottawa
Citizen-Watson says 'good relationship' with Trudeau will help Ottawa
Municipalities looking for infrastructure funding
CBC-Amarjeet Sohi is sworn in as minister of Infrastructure and Communities
Sun-Catherine McKenna's cabinet gig welcomed by Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson 
CBC-Ottawa budget pressure has some councillors questioning 2 per cent tax promise
CBC-City of Ottawa staff outline plan to deal with budget pressures in 2016
Metroland-Pre-draft budget meeting identifies roads, transportation as priorities
Ottawa East News-Advocates want more trees in city's framework for 'complete streets'
Citizen-Ontario mayors' group seeks focus on infrastructure in next federal election
Orleans Star-Councillors consult 2016 budget
Party Infrastructure Investment in their own words  
Infrastructure spending heating up  
Money talks, but national transportation strategy creates movement  
Mayors want feds to invest in cities  
Kent Kirkpatrick, city manager, stepping down in March for health reasons  
Barbs flew in all directions at federal leaders' debate  
Paul Martin - Borrow now, save later  
Ottawa East News-Ottawa Centre candidates make their pitch for votes  
Citizen-LRT, communism memorial among mayor's questions to federal leaders  
2015 Federal Candidate Matrix   
LRT communism memorial among mayor's questions to federal leaders  
#VoteInfrastructure in Election 2015  
Watson confident $41M deficit will vanish but Deans worries about 'financial crisis'  
Liberals promise better transportation in Gatineau  
Federal election 2015: When left is right, and the middle is left  
Ottawa construction work shows no signs of slowing down this fall  
Financial crisis? City mulls big deficit  
Trudeau's deficit plans shows a lack of discipline  
Justin Trudeau takes infrastructure pitch to key GTA riding  
What the parties pledge on infrastructure  
Top fed elections issues in City Ottawa  
Canada commits funds to VIA Rail's Ottawa-Montreal corridor infrastructure improvements  
Premiers need Ottawa's leadership on the big issues  
Tories say they've approved majority of Ontario's infrastructure requests  
Provinces want autonomy - bolstered by cash from Ottawa  
Tories skip Ontario's infrastructure wish list, fund university expansion  
Ontario's non-public public consultation on infrastructure  
Data show Conservatives using infrastructure fund as campaign folder  
Stephen Harper will build Ottawa's LRT with his own hands if he has to  
Tories to roll out pre-election infrastructure spending spree
'Troubling' collision stats fuel new cycling-heavy truck safety campaign   
 Federal Liberals would seek infrastructure financing from private pension funds  
 More infrastructure cash for cities at heart of NDP's urban strategy  
 ORBA Applauds Increased Investment in Transportation Infrastructure  
 Are our roads full of junk and toxins?  
 Construction begins on West Carleton roads  
 Stay Safe, Stay Back cycling safety campaign launches  
Strategic initiatives draft highlights infrastructure renewal  
Carling Ave? It's Still Ottawa's worst road  
New water rate structure needed, committee says  
 City's rate hikes in hot water  
 Ontario mayor’s group seeks focus on infrastructure in next federal election  
 Brockington wants council debate on city’s debt  
Main St. transformation begins  
Infrastructure Repairs Worth Inconvenience  
 Committee to Study City's Gridlock  
 Big Boost to Road and Bridge Construction  
Ottawa to extend funding to cities past 2014  
Private Infrastructure financing on agenda of Ottawa meeting  
City looks to borrow $300 milliion for road work, infrastructure  
How long does it take to fix a road?  
 City Debt for Infrastructure  
12-09-13-Daily Commercial News-Infrastructure Report Card  
 City of Ottawa told to double infrastructure repair spending  
 16% of city assets could fail, report says  
Lobbyist Registry comes into effective September 1  
NCHCA Joins Ontario College of Trades opposition  
City ponders higher fines for contractors who ignore plans  
City to jack up water, sewer rate 14% over next 2 years  
7% hike for sewer and water rates in 2013 and 2014  
Industry Calls for Wynne to hit the Pause button on COT  
Thank you to Ms. K. Wynne  
 Hall of Fame Inductee and Paver of the Year  
 Speech from the Throne  
Changes to Gold Seal Certificate  
Aboriginal Procurement Pilot Project  
Infrastructure Highlights from the 2013 Federal Budget  
Ontario Liberal Gov't Nails Tradespeople with New Tax  
Aggregate Truck Axel Weight  
May 15 2013 - Prompt Payment PMB - NR  
Prompt Payment Legislation  
Wynne's Next Visit  
Ontario Construction Report  
Op-Ed: Canada's cities need infrastructure to cope with extreme weather  
Overview of the Role and Authority of a College of Trades Enforcement Inspector  
College of Trades Inpector Coming to a Work Site Near You!  
Federal and Provincial Government to Promote Apprenticeship  
PCOT impacts Ontario-Quebec Construction Imbalance  
Bottomless Money Pit  
Bill 80 a success despite being defeated  
Mayors struggling to Understand Ottawa`s subway gift to Toronto  
OQ Agreement   
Book 7 Update 2014  
 Infrastructure funding process leaves cities confused  
 Thousands of infrastrsucture projects in limbo  
Hudak vows to axe trades college  
No one fired over bridge fiasco  
Provincial finance ministers look to Ottawa for spending clarity   
Infrastructure foot-dragging hinders growth  
Federal government eyeing tax cuts in next budget, Joe Oliver says  
Ontario, Quebec premiers call on Ottawa to boost infrastructure funding  
Bureaucrats need to choose golf partners wisely  
Trudeau pledges long-term funding for city infrastructure needs  
City, province start study on downtown truck tunnel  
 Premiers want more funds for health, infrastructure from Ottawa  
Hey voters, don't let this campaign be a cakewalk for Mayor Jim Watson  
Federal government infrastructure plan ‘so inadequate,’ Kathleen Wynne says  
Stephen Harper boasts of $5.8 billion in infrastructure spending  
Trudeau promises infrastructure boost   
Ottawa has the fiscal room to invest in infrastructure  
Wynne proposes infrastructure partnership   
Kathleen Wynne proposes infrastructure partnership between Ottawa, provinces  
Premiers urge Ottawa to do more on infrastructure seniors' health  
New NCC minister keeping mum on Ottawa plans   
Ottawa will get 'fair share' of fed funding for LRT phase 2: Pierre Poilievre  
15-03-30-G&M-Canadian cities lobby Ottawa for increase in public transit funding  
Minister Poilievre highlights the Government's low-tax plan and support for construction jobs  

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