Website Features

The NCHCA website,, is a primary communications tool to our members and the public in general. For members, it also enables online access to information and an efficient means of carrying out primary business aspects related to membership. is a feature rich web site offering much information and functionality. Below we highlight several key features so as to ensure our members realize all that is at their fingertips:

Secure Members Area:

  • Each NCHCA member has access to a secured area of the site within which they can view information not otherwise published to the public; maintain their account profiles including that which displays in the business directory, obtain electronic copes of financial transactions (i.e. invoice), and access the e-commerce module for membership renewals, event registration, sponsorships, or buy merchandise.

  • Should you forget your password, simply go to the 'forgot password' page (link next to login button) and enter the username or email address of the primary contact on file with us and an automatic notification is sent to that primary contact person. If for whatever reason you do not know the primary contact for your company, simply contact the association directly and you'll be assisted in person.

Web Page Advertising:

  • As a value-added proposition, members that participate in sponsorship programs at pre-established levels are entitled to web advertising in the form of a custom ad space on the front page of the website, which links directly to the profile page in the business directory.  This is great exposure.

  • Outside of sponsorship program participation, members can purchase advertising space through e-commerce.

Emphasis Points:

  • There is much activity within the web site in the form of new, or otherwise revised, information.  So as to avoid having members hunt for important information and to bring updates to their attention, we use a special area on the home page to emphasize things we want you to be aware of.  Please check the site periodically and scan this area for key communiques or references to things of interest. 


  • NCHCA distributes an electronic newsletter on a regular basis as a means of broadcasting important information and upcoming events. This newsletter goes directly to the email address of the primary contact person on file with us.


  • Members are encouraged to submit pictures, and brief commentary, of projects they undertake. Our web & communications committee reviews all submissions then posts selected entries into our interactive showroom for viewing by all who visit the web site.  This is great exposure and drums up public interest and usage of the web site itself.  The more the site is used, the more your business, through membership participation, benefits.

Business Directory:

  • Each member is entitled to a profile page within which to publish information about your business.  The directory is categorized by member type (i.e. Contractor or Associate) and employs a simple text/word search for direct access to a member for which you know their name.  Within this profile, members can upload their logo and can define rich text to describe themselves or communicate some important point.  If fully capitalized on, this can be great exposure.

Event Calendar:

  • Keep an eye on all NCHCA events by viewing this section

So again, the website is  wealth of relevant information for the heavy construction industry and facilitates business dealing with us.  If used to its fullest potential there are numerous areas to gain exposure for your business and access key information.


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