Theft Alerts

As we all know in the construction industry, there is a huge market for stolen heavy equipment . Generally speaking law enforcement has little success in apprehending those involved in these types of crime so it is important that we follow some general rules. Listed below are some general ideas for members to consider.

1. Tracking devices are still a good option although they in most cases work on cellphone technology which we all know can be defeated with jammer devices that are available on the internet.

2. Hidden secondary starter switches are also a great option as in most cases the thieves will not have the time to look for these switches and therefore be forced to leave it behind.   

3. Most companies have their logos, phone numbers on their equipment.  Another option would be to have an emergency contact number on the machine therefore if a police officer stops a backhoe or loader, they may call this number to confirm the activity of this equipment.

4. In the past years there have been a few cases of professionally re-vinned veichles. Secondaries re-stamped, VIN'S re-stamped, new ECM'S installed as well. Police recommend welding PINs or at least partial pin numbers somewhere on the vehicle, anything to make it undesirable.

5. For a large scale job site there is always the option of hiring a security company, this is of course an extra expense however it pales in comparison to a large piece being stolen.

Most of these steps are not new to you but hopefully some of these ideas will help protect the assets you have worked hard to build over the years. If you have any tips please forward them to the N.C.H.C.A. and we will share them with our members.


NCHCA Members