Committee Members

NCHCA committees are a primary vehicle for member involvement. Committees bring together leaders from all levels and areas of our membership - Contractor and Associate - with the common goal to help advance member issues, services and programs and move the industry forward. If you would like to join a committee, please contact Alison Hogan, NCHCA Association Coordinator, for further information. It's your Association, so make the most of your membership!

The following is a list of committees and their respective chairperson.


Client Relations                         
Dale Harley


Chair Concrete Subcommittee       
Ezio Vena, Tony Cerquozzi

Chair Asphalt Subcommittee        
Steve Goodman, Dana McLachlin, Cam MacDonald

Chair Sewer Subcommittee         
Darrin Alberty, Dennis Colautti, Rob Wallace, Russ Perry, Noel Finn

Chair Excess Soils Subcommittee  
Steve Goodman, Steve Turner

Health & Safety Committee         
Ty Arslan (Chair), Wade Clouthier, Kurtis Beveridge, Andre Brunet, Michelle Richer, Troy MacDonald, Neil Falls, Nicky Iannucci, Chris Keeping, Brenda Shalla, David Swan, Chris Brent

O.S.W.C.A. Rep                         
Jeff Mulcock

O.C.A. Rep                                
Ray Shannon

Stephen Turner

Marketing Committee                 
Steven James (Chair), Jim Flegg, Alison Hogan

Bursary Committee                    
Steve McEachen (Chair), Deborah Mohr-Caldwell, Ernie Johns

Education Committee                 
Jim Flegg (Chair), Steve Goodman, Deborah Mohr-Caldwell, Adam Hendriks, Steve Montcalm, Rob Wallace

VPM Committee                         
Wade Clouthier (Chair), Ivan Levac, Deborah Mohr-Caldwell, Jeff Mulcock, Jim Flegg, Kevin Kiley, Steve James, Bernie Ingimundson, Dale Harley, Rob Wallace, Stephen Turner

NCHCA Members