Membership Benefits

Why become a member?

The immediate answer is because we need your support, your voice, your energy and time to build a better NCHCA, an Association that will represent the interests of the heavy construction. Our true strength lies with our members.  It is our members who provide direction and guidance to the association, and who give us the mandate to speak out on the issues and concerns affecting our industry.

Listed below are just some of the benefits of a NCHCA membership.

What value do I receive as a member of the NCHCA?  This question is difficult to answer as many of the advantages of being a member are tangible and non-tangible benefits spread out over time.  The following list attempts to highlights just some of the benefits obtained by NCHCA members.

  1. Government/Municipal and Media Relations: It is important to our industry that the federal and municipal governments continue to invest in infrastructure projects and that the City work cooperatively in carrying out construction projects on behalf of the City, other levels of government and the private sector.   The NCHCA is the industry’s voice with all levels of government to ensure that the heavy construction industry investment and re-investment continue to grow and remain strong.  The association accomplishes this through regularly scheduled meeting with City staff to help maintain strong channels of open communication and through the preparation of press releases and media advisories.  The NCHCA employs the services of a political consultant who monitors and helps maintain healthy relationships between the heavy construction industry and the City of Ottawa.
  2. Social and Professional Networking: The most important non-tangible aspect of becoming a member of the NCHCA is that through attending any of the social events, this allows for a great deal of networking opportunities among industry peers. These social events include a curling bonspiel, annual general management meeting, 2 golf tournaments, a summer barbeque and a Fall Dinner Dance.  Although difficult to assign dollar values to these opportunities, many members believe that the networking benefits are invaluable for the success of their firms.
  3. Membership Services: There are several membership services available to all members. Members receive regular mailings with notices of important issues and upcoming events ie. receipt of the NCHCA monthly Board Meeting Minutes, the NCHCA/City of Ottawa Liaison Meeting Minutes, several social events and engagements, an annual NCHCA Directory, association newsletters, a newly revamped NCHCA website, association recognition and sharing of information. 
  4. Specifications and Safety:  The NCHCA has dedicated board members who volunteer their personal time and efforts for the betterment of our industry specification standards and safety.  Regularly scheduled meetings are held with the City of Ottawa to help voice our concerns and maintain the highest standards and establishment of industry specifications. Safety issues are of the upmost importance to the association as well. Safety requirements are monitored and communicated to the membership regularly.

Government Relations

  • Lobbying Municipal & Provincial Politicians
  • Lobbying Municipal & Provincial Bureaucrats
  • Monitoring Local Government
  • Input into By-law Formation

 Public Relations

  • Special Events
  • Recognition
  • Scholarships for Students
  • Membership Directory

Membership Services

  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Membership Survey
  • Membership Directory
  • Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Preparation of Presentations

Media Relations

  • Media Contact Program
  • Media Monitoring
  • Preparation of Press Releases and Media Advisories
  • Media & Spokesperson Training

Social/Professional Networking

  • Social Events
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Travel/Study Opportunities
  • Conferences


  • Establishing Industry Standards
  • City Liaison
  • Communication of Specifications


  • Professional Advice
  • Training
  • Communication of Standards

NCHCA Members