President's Message

For the past thirty-eight years, the National Capital Heavy Construction Association (NCHCA) has been proudly representing the interests of the heavy construction industry in Ottawa and eastern Ontario. Working with the road building, aggregate, sewer and watermain construction industries, as well as supporting businesses, we have grown our association to almost 250 members, employing over 10,000 workers.

The primary focus of our efforts over the past few years has been on promoting infrastructure investments in roads, bridges and sewer and watermain systems to municipal, provincial and federal governments.  But we do much more than that, such as the new Health and Safety Committee that brings the industry new developments in these sectors.  We work to ensure that there will be an adequate number of motivated and qualified workers for our industry in years to come.  We advocate for good policies, procedures, processes and specifications. We deliver, in cooperation with our partners, education events to raise awareness and understanding of new and changing regulations, best practices and emerging processes and procedures. We provide opportunities for members to socialize and network amongst themselves, as well as with our partners.

It is our belief, that all of this work and effort has contributed to a stronger, safer, more productive and effective industry. It has also resulted in improved heavy infrastructure in our region that positively impacts our own lives daily.

The National Capital Heavy Construction Association has a reputation within Provincial and other Municipal Heavy Construction Associations as being proactive, innovative and effective at building relationships with its stakeholders. We intend to continue to build and strengthen our efforts.  For this upcoming year, your board of directors will continue on a steady course with emphasis on these two  key priorities.

The first of these priorities is to work at ensuring that the City of Ottawa receives its fair share of federal and provincial infrastructure stimulus funding, particularly for renewal projects.  We have already launched our lobbying efforts with provincial and federal members of parliament.  We stand ready to work cooperatively with the City to ensure that there are competitive tenders on shovel ready capital projects related to roads, bridges, water and sewer projects, and that these projects are completed on time and within budget.  We have started to educate these infrastructure partners that renewal investments should be continuous and not cyclic in nature like larger scope new projects to keep our local industry vibrant.

The second priority is to ensure that the Vendor Performance Management (VPM) system is fairly and effectively designed and implemented.  We have worked closely with the City to provide our input into the initial design of VPM and will continue to provide insight into the design and implementation of the scoring system. To that end, we have established a committee to coordinate the NCHCA position and feedback.

Your 2016 Board of Directors strongly believes that this year will be an opportunity to further strengthen our association and we look forward to your continued support.


Yours truly,


Ken McIntyre

NCHCA  2016-2017 President





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